Dangers of Teen Alcohol Abuse

Is my Teen in Danger of Alcohol Abuse?

Underage drinking is a big problem faced by parents of adolescents. Teen drinking is a major issue that stares American society in the face; the reasons why alcohol abuse by teens is a worry include the fact that alcohol poisoning is a real concern, and it can kill. Teens who take to drinking may come from a family with a history of substance abuse, or may be the first link in a chain where abuse is the norm. Drinking and driving can lead to injuries for teens, or worse. Arrests can mar their record and hurt their chances of landing a job, a driving license, a rented apartment, etc. Teens do not possess fully-developed brains, alcohol hurts their cranial capacities. They have to deal with issues such memory loss and poor cognitive health. It is illegal for teens to consume alcohol, those caught can face legal prosecution.

Teen drinking happens because of curiosity to try out alcohol, pressure from friends, or from taking cues from adults in the immediate environment. There is no doubt that alcoholism is a big danger for teens. Teens who engage in binge drinking expose themselves to the risk of alcohol poisoning.

Teens abuse alcohol because they associate drinking with being cool and having fun. The bewildering variety of liquor and rampant advertising only serves to entice eager teens. It is worth noting that experiments with alcohol can easily spiral into trysts with drugs, and from there it is a downward spiral if not checked in time.

Teens do not have the ability to discern how much drink is too much. There is an element of bravado associated in outdrinking your pals. Alcohol is easily available, easy to smuggle into one’s rooms, and is difficult to detect. Teens who take to drinking often find it difficult to give up the habit, and are more likely to have problems with alcohol as compared to those who stay away from alcohol during their teen years. With more than three million teen alcoholics in America, a significant portion of America’s future is already compromised. This makes it imperative that parents take the trouble to educate their teen wards about the perils of teen drinking.

You need to do more about your child’s potential addiction.There should be rules of conduct. Your child should understand that his experiments with alcohol will not be tolerated, and that there would be consequences if he dabbles in drink. This should be agreed upon by both parent and child. The consequence could be withholding of pocket money, community service, or being grounded. Anything that can serve as a deterrent and is not unduly harsh will do as chastisement for drinking alcohol. A prior agreement on the rules of conduct means that you won’t take an emotional decision when you discover that your teenager has taken alcohol. You should set an example for your impressionable teens by drinking responsibly.

Don’t be too overbearing, teens need space and activities to expend energy. It’s a phase of life when people discover new things. It’s for parents to help teens lay the foundation of success in their lives without falling into bad habits.

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