Is luxury addiction treatment worth it

Luxury Addiction Treatment: Is it Worth It?

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and that National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) describe addiction as a chronic disease, similar to Type II diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Long-term recovery is required over the life span which focuses on lifestyle modifications to stay sober and clean. Learn about how luxury addiction treatment centers help individuals needing help with addiction meet this goal.


Selecting a Program

A drug treatment facility or rehabilitation center focuses on treating many different forms of addiction. The main goal is to help the individual with addiction end dependence on alcohol or drugs. Not all centers or treatment facilities have resources to fully support an individual’s physical and psychological recovery. It is important to select a facility which will address all aspects of addiction thoroughly and ensure the best outcome for the individuals receiving help. Luxury addiction treatment programs focus on helping people recover in a safe, comfortable environment.


Two Programs

When selecting a program, two types are available to choose from. Outpatient rehabilitation and inpatient rehabilitation are two ways to receive help for addiction.


Outpatient Program

Individuals with addiction who are not able to stay within an inpatient rehabilitation facility may seek outpatient rehabilitation instead. Mostly ideal for people with family or work responsibilities, the outpatient rehab programs are designed to be short term. The individual must commit to certain hours or days inside the facility for treatment. People are released typically after a day-long program and revisit the center as scheduled. Some of the benefits of this type of program include:

  • Flexibility and freedom to come and go
  • Undemanding schedule
  • Able to be with friends, family and loved ones (support network)


Individuals who opt for this type of luxury treatment program often do so because of demands on the schedule for work commitments, family and other obligations which make an inpatient stay  more challenging. The quality and caliber of the treating physicians and staff is of the highest quality to ensure individuals receive the best treatment available.


Inpatient Program

Individuals who opt for an inpatient program, referred to as live-in healthcare facilities, find them ideal when long-term substance use or alcoholism is present. Luxury inpatient treatment centers provide the most effective way to combat addiction with a host of opportunities including:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Care which is focused on individual’s specific needs
  • Aftercare and support system to help individual adapt post rehab
  • More expensive but more comprehensive than outpatient programs
  • Specialized treatment available and heightened security for individuals needing to get away from scrutiny


Proper, specialized treatment is often of utmost importance to individuals seeking treatment in a luxury rehabilitation facility. Quiet, secluded surroundings (such as the ocean) often provide individuals with serenity and peace while working through some difficult issues around addiction. Lasting and peaceful recovery is the main goal of the highly qualified therapists in luxury inpatient programs which provide space for individuals to heal from addiction and face recovery head on.


Recovery does not stop when rehab ends. It is just the beginning. If you or a loved one are at the start of the recovery journey and need help kicking an addiction, the Villa can help. Call us to find out how we can help you get started.