Make it till Midnight

Make it till Midnight

When a person stops drinking and realizes there can never be another drink, it can feel overwhelming. Recovery can be a challenge for first time individuals with addiction to grasp exactly what needs to happen to make sobriety work. It may feel terrifying at first but it does get better over time.


Step by Step


The goal of recovery is to focus on one day at a time. It is a situation that requires focus and perseverance to get past the first days of treatment and recovery to a place of acceptance where recovery matters more than the next drink. Step by step is the best, and only, approach to take. One day at a time, one step at a time, moment by moment, to make it til midnight. When a person starts thinking about the future it can feel oppressive but the present is all that can be dealt with here and now. Sobriety is a time to focus one day as the sun rises and sets. Midnight does not seem far off when taken for each moment.


No In-Between


The challenge of recovery is not having an in-between. It’s either a person drinks or gives it up altogether. To stay sober, it is best to give up drinking altogether. Though some people may be able to have a drink or two eventually, it is not recommended for most people in recovery, especially in the early stages. Total sobriety is about surrender to the experience and learning to thrive without alcohol. Sobriety is a teacher which helps individuals focus on positive life interactions such as relationships, career planning and personal development.


What it Takes


Recovery and sobriety take everything a person has and then some. It may be scary and frustrating at first, but it does get better. Sometimes it may feel as if sobriety may be lost at any moment. Between cravings and triggers, it can feel as if the urge to drink will never abate. Over time, the practice of seeing only what is right in front of a person with each moment, hour and day can help build patience and persistence for the long haul required of those in recovery. Recovery is a lifelong process. Acceptance of this fact can help build character for traveling the road of sobriety which takes everything a person has to stay the course. Never take sobriety for granted as life will try to throw roadblocks and challenges in the way which will drive a person towards old vices. Don’t give in. Focus on the road ahead and all the progress made thus far. Noticing this, it will be harder to fall back into old traps and stay clean and sober.

The Villa provides a path to sobriety through information and resources which support recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling, call us. We can help set you on the path to taking it one day at a time.