Moving On

Moving Through Fear

Learning to battle the demons in one’s past and confront fear can feel like coming up against the biggest challenge of one’s life. Moving through fear requires facing whatever it is head on in order to move past and find oneself on the other side, finally free. Learn some helpful tips for moving past the fear and let go to find freedom on the other side.

Letting Go

Fear is a powerful motivator but it does not frequently motivate a person to move in the right direction. People who grow up around addiction struggle with fear because of a subconscious training which happens that makes people afraid of what may really happen since the worst has already seemed to transpire.

Very Real Monsters

Being raised by a family in the throes of addiction can feel like being in a pit of monsters. Early on a child learns to live the best way possible to keep monsters at bay. To fully be present in the here and now, an individual must learn to let go of the past to have the present and future that awaits. What prohibits a person from living in the here and now can prevent a person from reaching the fullest potential.

Letting Go

If it is finally time to let go and the time is now, the following steps may be helpful to get started:

Face the demon

When resistance shows up to something new, the immediate response is ‘no,’ even if the adventurous side of a person seeks to respond with ‘maybe’ or ‘yes.’ Explore why it is important to face the demon, go to the root of it all and seek to understand what is causing fear before moving on.

Explain the reason

Once a person gets down to the root of discomfort, it helps to explain how a person can share it with another if both people were sitting in the same room together.

Get into an argument

Arguing with oneself is required when it comes to fear with the people and circumstances of life. Look logically at the situation and ask lots of questions about whether the reality of fear still applies.


After looking at the fear and taking time to understand it all, make a decision about what to do with it. If it is not true and does not fit into one’s life anymore, it is OK to reject it as an old habit and replace it for what is true.

Work with it

Working with fear is better than working against it. Embrace the fear, receive it as part of life and accept more can be done to overcome it. Acknowledge opportunities to break down fear’s barriers and start getting to work letting it go.

It won’t be easy, it is honest, hard work. Over time the fear will break apart and the light will shine through. That is how a breakthrough happens and life can then truly begin.


Letting go of fear helps a person move forward in recovery. If you are still holding onto addictive behavior and fear, maybe it is time to let it go and move on. Call us if you need help and guidance for the journey.