My Family is Addicted to Drugs; What Can I Do?

My Family is Addicted to Drugs; What Can I Do?

Addiction is accompanied by denial, and if you’re a child in a family where an adult or adults are gripped by addiction, then you need to use your judgment to sift facts from the scenarios woven by addicts. People who are under the sway of drugs find it difficult to come to terms with their addiction. Instead, they create an alternate reality and try to justify their actions and brush matters under the carpet. This attitude of denial and the fact that they put their needs above the needs of the family make it imperative that young children steer clear of addiction and behavior that may lead to drugs.

You may have no choice but to show maturity beyond your years. With some thought and counseling, it is possible. It is very important that you do not hesitate to seek advice from seniors and family members whom you trust.

Being in the same house as an addict will expose you to attitudes that you want to avoid. You will be subjected to half-truths and outright lies. The reason for such behavior by addicts is denial. They cannot bring themselves to admit that they have a substance abuse issue and that they need help. Even if such adults can see that you need nurturing and protection, they will find themselves inadequate to the situation. Fighting addiction alone is not easy, and coping with withdrawal without therapy is a very unpleasant proposition. And therefore, addicts are left with denial. They deny that there is an issue and choose to inhabit a make believe world that they may cajole and sometimes force you to inhabit as well.

You need to understand that their fake reality is having a negative effect on your development. You cannot let their addiction define your present and script your future. You need to help yourself, and when you do that, you will be doing them a big favor. You give yourself a chance to become a responsible adult and then help the addict.

Denial practiced by addicts results in young ones being denied the things and experiences that define a normal childhood. False impressions reinforced over time can warp the worldview of curious and sensitive kids. It does not have to happen to you. There is only so far you can go with an addict who does not want things to change for the better. Reasoning is futile, you will likely be sold another story. You need to write your own tale. You need to take affirmative action and take control of your life. Granted, it is difficult for a non-adult. Finances are a difficulty, but do what you can. The most important thing you can do is to ask yourself if you actually are like how you have been made to believe. Your answers will lay the foundation for further affirmative action. Self-discovery is the beginning of a voyage that will take you away from addiction and the attached depressive atmosphere.

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