New Age Treatments: What Works and What to Avoid

Holistic treatments may be considered a fad but treating the mind, body and spirit is preferable to taking parts and trying to treat each individually. People with addiction and alcoholism requires a level of healing and self care that is important to recovery. Learn more about new age treatments including what works well and what may not work so well.


People who struggle with addiction benefit greatly from meditation. The practice of calming one’s mind and cultivating a sense of inner peace is important. Reduction of stress, anxiety and physical pain provides other great benefits including lower blood pressure. Focused intention on thought and breath is key to gaining benefit from meditation.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy supports good nutrition and a balanced, healthy diet for people with addiction. Early recovery is critical to success with nutrition therapy. A balanced diet can pave the way for increased energy and improved physical and mental well being. It also includes vitamins and supplements to boost nutrition. A note of caution is that any diet or nutrition and health plan should be overseen by a doctor, especially in the early stages of recovery to monitor any interactions between medication and vitamins as well as ensuring proper nutrition.


Acupuncture is an ancient practice of Chinese medicine that uses needles to manipulate the flow of energy throughout the body. Many people believe it can help with everything from infertility to physical pain and disease. Acupuncture may be beneficial for people with addiction. It can help correct physical imbalances and improve a person’s energy flow. Any alternative therapies should be overseen by a physician familiar with an individual’s recovery journey to make sure it doesn’t interfere with any other medications or substances the person may recently have used (for those in early recovery or history of long term substance use).


Exercise has many health benefits in the short and long term. It can improve overall fitness but also be used to improve overall physical fitness. It is a way to boost endorphins in a way that will help an individual feel better. People with addiction greatly benefit from exercise, even if it is just to go for walks on a daily basis. Outside exercise can be helpful. Some key things to watch out for is overexercising or becoming addicted to exercise or weight loss plans. It can be tempting to jump in full throttle but the body needs time to heal following addiction so it is best to consult a physician before starting any exercise plans.

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