New Year, New You: Resolutions for Sober Living

The beginning of each year signifies a new start for many people. This is even more true for individuals living with addiction in recovery. January is a popular time for rehabilitation facilities as the new year provides motivation to change. Learn some resolutions to help bolster sober living goals in the new year.


When a new year arrives as the clock ticks past midnight, it seems people get more motivated than usual to pursue goals long forgotten the year prior. Perhaps some were already working towards goals throughout the year and just need extra motivation to make those resolutions stick. Sobriety is a long-term journey which requires discipline, structure and support. Rather than focusing on changing behavior altogether, focus on building motivation to maintain a sober living environment and lifestyle which supports recovery.

Let Everyone Know

Shout it from the rooftops, it is time for change to take place. Think of all the people in life who support sober living including:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Loved ones
  • Co-workers
  • Community support network

The new year offers motivation for change and overall improvement. From trying to lose weight to kicking the habit, the new year is all about being surrounded by positive, mindfully engaged people who will help build your mindset towards success. Tell friends and family about the commitment and seek strength from their support to battle addiction head on.

Find a Hobby

Think of the places where extra time and energy go in place of drinking or using drugs. Don’t resolve to only give up addiction, find a way to pick up a new sport or hobby. Change the routine, spend more time with sober friends and join a gym. Find places to make change happen where others are similarly motivated.

Seek Professional Support

Consider seeking therapeutic intervention from a rehab facility if things are difficult. Initial withdrawal symptoms are common amongst people in recovery. While most withdrawal symptoms are not difficult, medical supervision may be necessary to overcome the symptoms. Many people with addiction live with undiagnosed co-occurring mental health disorders so focus on getting healthy and well in mind, body and spirit by doing what it takes.

Follow the Path

The journey towards sobriety is a day-to-day challenge. Keep track of progress by:

  • Starting a journal
  • Use apps on the phone
  • Track alcohol consumption on Fitbit or other device
  • Seek support from family and friends for accountability

The path to sobriety is more than abstinence it is a process which involves significant shifts in a person’s mindset and changes to the daily routine. Make a commitment to daily, small changes so sobriety will be the New Year’s resolution that ends up sticking, for good.

If you resolve to make this next year the one where you give up addiction, call us. The Villa is here to support you now and in the new year with your goals of living sober and drug free. Let us support you on the journey back to health.