One Day At a Time

One Day at a Time

As the saying goes, there is no time like the presence. Action which creates real change requires focused intention and devotion in the right direction. Review some common mistakes people make in recovery and how to apply some suggestions to implement the principle of ‘one day at a time’ into a lifestyle.



When a person’s life revolves around addiction, it can be difficult to see anything else as other than a waste of time. Once sobriety and recovery are in place, old habit begin to die as new ones emerge. Even though the past was unpleasant, it is possible to now daydream about the present and future with a clear mind and sound body. Doubts turn into certainties and fears give way to ambition and drive towards goals for one’s life. The serenity prayer offers individuals a chance to seek presence in daily moments and take action now. If this is to happen, a person must start right this moment.


Lessons From Recovery

As the fog of early recovery lifts, it is possible to start appreciating all the gifts given to a person by a Higher Power. Attendance in a daily 12-step meeting are crucial as is listening to others share experiences. When worry sets in, seek help finding other ways to manage the brain’s capacity for shifting focus on what’s positive and good. Lessons learned in recovery are transferrable to all areas of life.


Daily ‘To-Do’ List

Mastery of the present can take some time to bring into focus. A daily ‘to do’ list is a simple, yet effective, way to accomplish goals in a 24 hour period which translate to weeks, months and years of healthy recovery. The list may look as follows.

  • Prayer and meditation. A daily practice can begin with prayer and meditation which sets the tone for all that follows.
  • Attend 12-step meetings everyday.
  • Make a list of all the people to speak with each day to ensure sobriety. This may include spiritual, emotional and physical wellness individuals such as counselors, family, friends and sponsors.
  • Write down business, personal and family priorities for the day so nothing is forgotten.


A ‘to-do’ list can be a great way to stay present in the moment. Throughout the day, the world will bring distractions, triggers, cravings, and other things to take attention away from sobriety and recovery. The list will be an easy way to stay focused and on track with what’s important each day.


Sobriety happens one step at a time. Recovery happens over a lifetime. Turn off the television and decide what is a good, healthy use of time. Live in the moment, seek mindful practices for body, mind and spirit and quiet the mind to seek answers. Discern wise counsel and take action in life to move forward and not look back in the past. Success in life happens one day at a time, just as it does in life.


The Villa helps individuals take recovery from addiction one day at a time. If you are ready to take that first step, call us to get started.