Prescription Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Prescription Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Nonmedical use and abuse of prescription medication is a national epidemic. The National Institute of Drug Abuse states that an average of 52 million people misuse prescription drugs. Per NIDA, “misuse of prescription drugs means taking a medication in a manner or dose other than prescribed; taking someone else’s prescription, even if for a legitimate medical complaint such as pain; or taking medication to feel euphoria.”

Over the last fifteen years, there has been an increase in emergency room visits due to overdose deaths or poisoning associated with prescription drugs. Also, there has been an increase in treatment admissions for prescription drug use disorders. If you or someone you know suffers from prescription drug abuse, reach out to a treatment provider before there are irreversible consequences. Data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from the years 2020-to 2021 estimates that an average of 265 Americans died each day from a drug overdose. Most individuals who suffer from a prescription substance use disorder are young adults, ages 18-25 years old. 

Prescription drug addiction can be hard to notice, making it harder for individuals to accept that they may need prescription drug rehab. According to World Health Organization, rehab is a treatment provider that helps individuals using a variety of interventions to aid them in developing strategies to overcome their challenges, from medical detox, group therapy, and behavioral therapy to support their return to a drug-and alcohol-free, healthy, productive lives. Seek treatment is the first step. Drug addiction rehab aims to help individuals stop the compulsive use of drugs and alcohol and drug cravings.

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Prescription Drug Rehab

The first step toward recovery is admitting that they are unable to control the intake of the prescription pills, that they are powerless over their addiction, and need help to recover. When taking this big step, it is best to seek emotional support. The first step can be the most difficult one. 

Fortunately, there are prescription drug treatment centers such as The Villa that could help those who abuse prescription drugs and are struggling with addiction. The Villa treatment and rehabilitation programs utilize a broad spectrum of tools and discipline in their rehab treatment. The tools include but are not limited to psychological approaches, group and individual therapy, body health, spirituality, holistic healing, and practical information. Their supportive environment creates a well-rounded treatment plan that works best for the individual. 

All treatment options are diverse to fit the specific individual needs and the type of drug abused. Depending on the prescription medication abuse, whether it was a stimulant or depressant could alter if there are medical treatment options in their program. 

For admissions, if you or your loved one has any questions about the rehab program, family sessions, admission options, medication-assisted treatment, inpatient rehab, what to bring with you, or how to pay, we can provide all those answers. We work with various insurance and have financing options to ensure no one is denied care due to financial constraints. 

Addiction treatment services are available to help end prescription drug abuse.

Prescription Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

What Is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription medication can be beneficial for treating conditions when prescribed and taken correctly. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) DrugFacts, prescription drug misuse, and abuse is when someone takes a medication inappropriately (for example, without a prescription).

However, some prescriptions are more likely to be misused than others. For example, a prescription for chronic pain would be to write a script for a prescription painkiller which is a prescription opioid. Despite their effectiveness in fighting chronic pain, painkillers are the number one abused prescription drug. Statistics provided by the American Addiction Centers note that in 2020, 9.3 million people misused prescription opioid painkillers, and nearly 16,500 overdose deaths involved prescription opioids.

A common misperception is that prescription drugs are safer or less harmful to one’s body than other drugs. This thought process can quickly lead to substance use disorders from abusing drugs and health consequences. Data shows that teenagers and young adults report abusing prescription drugs more than other age groups. These impacts can be harmful to an adolescent whose brain and body are still developing. During adolescence, the pre-frontal cortex and outer mantle are still developing. Prescription drug addiction can fracture developing neural pathways.

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What Are the Commonly Abused Prescription Medications? 

There are many over the counter drugs that can be used, but the top three categories are:

  • Opioid
    • Usually prescribed to treat pain, reduce the intensity of pain signals
  • Central Nervous system depressants (CNS)
    • Used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders
  • Stimulants (ADHD)
    • They are often prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

With each of these over-the-counter medications, the individual becomes addicted to the high they feel when the medication is not taken as prescribed. Whether it is the euphoric response to the prescription opioid, the relaxing, calm state experienced by CNS depressants (i.e., barbiturates), or the increased dopamine that prescription stimulants provide when taken nonmedically.

In 2020, 9.3 million (3.3%) people misused prescription opioid painkillers, 6.2 million (2.2%) people misused central nervous system (CNS) depressants (medications often prescribed for anxiety or to help individuals sleep), and 5.1 million (1.8%) people misused prescription stimulants (commonly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)). 

–American Addiction Centers

When taken outside of the medical professionals’ advisement, the risk for addiction to prescription drugs increases. This can lead to adverse health effects, opioid addiction, opiate withdrawal, mental health problems, and turn into an addiction that could require addiction treatment services to overcome. 

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Prescription Drug Rehab at The Villa Treatment Center knows that prescription drug addiction treatment requires more than just medical treatment. Whether you or a loved one chooses inpatient or outpatient treatment, we can assist with withdrawal symptoms. Our treatment centers at The Villa Treatment Center provide a luxury substance abuse treatment that provides both mental health services and physical health services.