Rehab Aftercare for Family and Friends

Is rehab aftercare important? Yes, it’s very important. Rehab aftercare helps the family members of an individual with addiction learn how to help the individual stay on the path to recovery. This could mean participating in group counseling sessions or one on one sessions. These sessions help the family as a whole learn interfamilial and interpersonal coping mechanisms. It is important for the individual and their family to be educated on the processes of drug addiction and the impact it can have on family dynamics.

Timeline for Rehab Aftercare

How long an individual will require aftercare will vary with the individual. Some people might benefit frequent sessions for a longer duration of time. Some can only handle occasional sessions. There is no right or wrong answer, and it is best if the individual works with their counselor to determine what works for them. Also, if an individual stops their aftercare, that is not a line drawn in stone and unchangeable. They can always restart them if they feel the need at a later date.

Importance of Long Term Aftercare

As mentioned previously, aftercare is extremely important. And long term aftercare ensures that the family and friends of the individual receive the emotional support they need to help the individual. It is crucial that the family members and friends understand that they are not responsible for the individual’s addiction, nor are they responsible for the choices the individual makes, whether that is to stay in recovery or go back to their harmful habits. Most important, family members and friends will learn how to avoid enabling the individual’s drug or alcohol habit.

Risks of Not Having Aftercare

Statistics show that at least 50% of people in recovery will relapse at least one time. Many individuals will be able to overcome the relapse and get back on the road to recovery, but the danger of relapse is real and always present. This is where aftercare programs come in. When an individual is attending aftercare treatment, their chances of relapse decrease significantly.

Choosing the Right Aftercare Program

While every individual’s needs differ, there are some things all good rehab aftercare programs incorporate, such as various strategies for family members to assist with their loved one’s recovery. These could take the form of counseling sessions, educational sessions, outings and other activities which don’t involve illegal substances or alcohol. The family and friends of the individual must also ensure that their preferences and abilities are taken into account when choosing an aftercare program

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