Say No to Alcohol for Graduation (and Beyond)

High school graduation and the onset of summer are not only times for celebration but also prime drinking times for teenagers. Hard working seniors who have graduated and been accepted to college feel that graduation is a time to let loose, party and enjoy life, before getting back to academics. And there is nothing wrong with this way of thinking, because seniors should celebrate and feel good about their achievements, except when it involves alcohol. Drinking doesn’t need to be part of the summer experience. There are many ways to have fun and celebrate which are safer and alcohol free.

The Dangers of Alcohol in Celebrating

Teens may try to convince their parents to let them have a little bit of alcohol when they go to graduation parties. If the teen is generally well behaved and has good grades, they may be very convincing. However, there is too much at risk to let them do so. Drinking lowers inhibitions and this could lead to the teen making bad choices which could end up affecting the rest of their lives. Statistics show that more than 3 million young people between the ages of 18 and 24 drink and drive every year. Approximately 2 million young people drink heavily enough to risk alcohol poisoning. More than 1 million abuse alcohol and risk dependent on it. These statistics make a convincing argument for abstaining from alcohol.

Project Graduation

In many communities and school districts there are now alternative, alcohol free celebrations for graduates. One program in particular called Project Graduation has been very successful across the country. Different groups involved in Project Graduation arrange events with varying activities, but the idea is to host a safe and fun party for graduating teens. Teens are locked down, typically in the high school, for a full night of partying without drugs or alcohol.Thus parents can rest assured knowing their teens cannot get into trouble.

Hosting a Graduation Party

One way to ensure that teens will be safe while celebrating graduation is for the parents to host a supervised event at home. This can be done by enlisting the help of other parents as well, and this will provide a safe place for all their teens to celebrate.

Taking an Alcohol-Free Trip

Planning a trip is a great way to reward teens for all their hard work in high school. The teen can even be allowed to choose where to go, if that is reasonable. Or give them options and a budget and let the teen design a trip they would enjoy. This way, all their hard work is rewarded, and the teen is kept away from any alcohol filled parties at home.

Teens drinking and summer graduation parties go hand-in-hand, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If parents get involved and take an interest in what their teens are doing, they can ensure that they celebrate in a way that is safe but still fun.


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