Schools and Teen Exposure to Drug Addiction

Schools and Teen Exposure to Drug Addiction

When children go off to school, the hope it an education will be the primary thing each child receives. Graduation onto successful careers and a productive way of life are important goals to have but some teens are derailed from studies by drug or alcohol use and addiction. Find out more about exposure to drugs for teens in schools and the impact it has on teens overall.

Stats on Use

Statistics are an important way to navigate the impact of drugs on youth. The following are helpful to note:

  • The number of students who stated someone offered or sold illegal drugs at school hovers around 22%, relatively unchanged since 2003
  • Nearly three million teens use drugs during school hours
  • Many teens know someone who sells drugs

Teens are most likely to use the following drugs:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription medication

Reasons for use:

  • Curiosity
  • Enjoyment
  • Peer pressure
  • Self-medication
  • Rebellion

Addressing the Problem

Even though schools are responsible for campus safety and addressing drug use during the day, the resources to do so are limited. The role typically falls into reaction towards warnings of possible activity rather than a proactive approach. Some effective measures that are aimed at reducing drug addiction in teens may include:

  • Drug contracts with students
  • Education and information given in class and school assemblies
  • Alternative activities for sober living
  • Parental involvement including open and honest communication about risks and dangers of use

Further Steps

Parents are ultimately responsible for children, even as teens test limits. To keep children and teens safe, it can help to be proactive in focusing on staying drug free:

  • Openly communicate
  • Establish expectations, boundaries and rules with reinforcement
  • Include a policy to pick up the child anywhere anytime
  • Encourage involvement in outside activities
  • Get educated on the dangers of drugs and signs of possible use
  • Address underlying issues including rejection, moving away, anger or other issues which may result in drug use
  • Keep tabs on teens and friends
  • Seek outside help when necessary from friends, coaches, doctors or professionals

The Villa is here to provide support and resources to families who are concerned about teen drug use. Call us if you suspect something is happening or want to find support for a teen in recovery.