Seeing Yourself (Truly) for the Very First Time

Sobriety can really be a kick in the pants. Not only is the safety net of drugs or alcohol taken away but the veil is lifted and a person gets to see what lies underneath, perhaps for what feels like the very first time. It can be jarring and quite disconcerting to face it all head on. The challenge is not to get caught up in the past but face the present and hopeful future ahead, with a lens of sobriety bringing clarity to the forefront.

A Critical Time

Feelings of confusion, uncertainty and emotional rawness are common in sobriety. Early on, just after rehab ends, the long journey of recovery begins. Without the fog of drugs and alcohol, the shock of who a person is and what has become of one’s own life can become readily apparent. The good news is that while it is a critical time in recovery and may hurt for a time, it does get better. Learn some things to do to help the process feel less painful and more fulfilling.

Reconnect with Family

Recovery is not done alone. Everyone in a person’s circle of friends and family will be affected by sobriety. Focus on the close allies and people who know the most about a given situation. The following can be helpful:

  • Meet new friends
  • Establish a healthier lifestyle
  • Practice positive coping skills
  • Pursue relationships with sober friends
  • Find meaningful work
  • Engage family in a way that builds a strong safety net of support

Face the challenges brought on by addiction (to everyone) and ask for patience and understanding as the hard work of reparations for past wrongs begins.

Seek Counseling

Chronic addiction can result in long-term damage to a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. It may be difficult to remember being addicted or concentrating on things that have to get done in recovery. It helps to stay focused on one day at a time, small steps. Low cost counseling services can be offered and members of support groups may be able to offer referrals to those who have been most helpful.

Go to Meetings

Take advantage of meetings and see it as an asset. Find encouragement in a 12-step group and find a sponsor. The support offered cannot be minimized. Practice attending and seek others who also go regularly to find accountability partners. It is all part of the process of growing and learning.

Making time to have fun, finding new hobbies and engaging with people who are sober are the best ways to focus on the new person that is developing in recovery. The person that existed inside addiction is not the same as the one emerging from it now. Take notice of what changes need to be made, tread gently on the path to recovery but forge ahead with gratitude and grace for the journey. It is one well worth traveling.

The Villa provides help and support to individuals in recovery from addiction. In addition to life goals, a person will learn about how to get clean and sober to focus on repairing relationships and more. To find out how Villa can help you get healthy in sobriety, call us.