Should I Give Up Social Media in Recovery?

Giving up social media and being online may seem like a difficult decision while in recovery, but it can also be good in many ways. Learn some of the benefits to giving up social media while in recovery from addiction.

Letting Go

The first step to giving up a social media presence is to let go. It may be that some withdrawal symptoms occur such as wanting to visit popular sites to see what others are doing or craving entertainment on one of the media platforms. It may also be a way to check in on the news of the world to see what is happening. It does get better with time, the longer a person goes without the better it can be. With a mind free to wonder and explore possibilities, it can provide precious time to look into what, and who, else is out there.

Get to Writing

Blogs are increasingly popular but if a person is trying to give up social media as a distraction in recovery, it can be helpful to type it up the old fashioned way through one of the many word processing applications or even write it by hand in a notebook. Blogging doesn’t have to be part of social media blackouts, it can be a way to share feelings and stories while practicing the craft of self articulation and process the experience of recovery. The decision to write or blog is a very individual one.

Create a Book

With lots of free time, some people may choose to look into developing a book concept around a long forgotten idea, or perhaps the journey from addiction to recovery. It is not the choice everyone will make but it can be a great way to channel positive energy into a project that has some deadlines and a final end goal (product) in mind to complete. Setting goals can be an important part of recovery.


Setting some time aside for meditation on a regular schedule can be helpful. People who use social media often wake up checking their newsfeeds and spend time there before doing anything else. With the time available, a person can work at resting well, journaling and focusing on meditation which is a way to quiet the mind before the day begins.

Build Relationships

Relationships can be made and broken online these days. Focusing on intentional relationship building is a great way to seek new friendships or even repair old ones that fell by the wayside during active addiction. Relationships may be able to be maintained online, but learning how to engage with people in the ‘real world’ can be an effective tool as well as a positive application of recovery principles.

Not everyone who leaves social media returns but some will. Considering a hiatus for a short time can be an exciting and fun endeavor worth considering for people seeking positive life changes in recovery.

The Villa supports and encourages people in recovery to find positive outlets for engagement. If you are struggling to find support or need help while in recovery, call us to find out how we can help you get on track with your goals.