Special Challenges Faced by Youth in Recovery

The number of young people in recovery is increasing but it is not clear exactly why. Addiction is a growing problem across populations of people, young or old. It is also more acceptable to discuss the issue now. Either way, in recovery, teens need lots of support and resources. Learn more about the special challenges faced by youth in recovery from addiction.

College Studies

Many teenagers want to make the transition to college after high school. For youth in recovery, college life can be a much bigger adjustment than for the average teen. Drinking, partying and doing drugs may occur more frequently at parties and amongst friends. Young people in recovery who wish to not participate may be treated as outsiders by peers or find it hard to resist temptation. It is also easier to find support on college campuses for recovery. Some universities may offer sober housing for students who do not or wish to not drink. Being on campus is a challenging time but does not have to challenge a young person’s sobriety when resources are available to provide support.

Turning Twenty One

Youth in recovery covet the 21st birthday as much as the next person for the reason that it is a major event. When a person turns 21, he or she is expected to go out and become an adult, usually followed up with lots of drinks. Young people who are in recovery may find this hard to cope with or deal with friends turning 21 going out drinking. Leading up to and following the birthday, anxiety and pressure may be at its peak. Sadness and regret may stem from not being able to celebrate like peers. It can be helpful to try the following with teens in recovery:

  • Reach out and offer additional support
  • Reinforce recovery with extra meetings
  • Find friends who are celebrating sober
  • Spend time with close family doing sober activities like seeing a movie or being outdoors
  • Remember recovery is fun by doing exciting things without the use of drugs or alcohol

Seeking Help Without Insurance

A huge problem for young people is finding resources to pay for recovery support. Many young adults do not have proper insurance at all or even coverage for addiction treatment. A young person who cannot access treatment may resort back to using drugs or alcohol. Long term sobriety is challenging and the support that comes from treatment and aftercare can be crucial to success down the road. Recovery is possible no matter the circumstances but professional help greatly increases those chances.

The Villa provides support and resources for young people facing addiction. If you are looking for treatment options, call us to find out how we can support you in recovery.