Step 10 of AA

Step 10 of AA

Working through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is no easy task. A person must be committed to working hard and staying focused on meeting personal goals which takes humility, perseverance and inner strength. For individuals in recovery from alcohol or drugs, it is important to take time working through each step. Step 10 is no different in that it requires a person look deep within while taking inventory of one’s actions and behaviors.


Step 10

The main focus of Step 10 is on taking ‘personal inventory and when wrong, properly admit it.’ By doing so, an individual is able to practice self examination, address defects and celebrate successes. However, it is easy to fall back into a lifestyle of prideful behavior and self-satisfaction. Taking time each day to work on this step helps a person see what went wrong and humbly admit to it while being able to progress and move forward and not beat oneself up over past wrongs.


Getting Started

Self-examination must become a daily habit. A person who puts into practice the AA 12 step process is dedicated to focusing everyday on how to become a better person, no matter what life brings. Each day brings new tests which require a person to be emotionally stable, sober and humble. When a problem arises or causes emotional turmoil, it is appropriate to do a spur-of-the-moment inventory to see what is going on. This will help silence volatile emotions and promote positive, healthy habits that will move a person forward in recovery.



Some of the following tips can be helpful to people working through Step 10. The goal is to make an honest daily examination of the self and notice what needs improvement to be better and healthier.

  • Avoid quick-tempered decisions; step back and breathe when a situation calls for it
  • Survey a situation with honesty and humility
  • Admit when wrong
  • Forgive other people who are wrong
  • Focus on progress, not perfection



One of the myths about Step 10 focuses on a need to apologize to every person. Some AA members find Step 10 difficult because it involves admitting wrongdoing even thought it is not about apologizing to everyone. Building awareness of actions which harm oneself or others is really what this step is about and is a very personal process of consistent inward reflection. Development of character comes in the refining fire of challenge and change which can produce greater opportunities for growth.Over time, it will become ingrained in a person’s daily routine but takes practice and persistence to achieve over a person’s lifetime.


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