Step 2 of AA

Step 2 of AA

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides support and community for individuals in recovery from addiction. AA provides resources, tools and information which help people not feel alone in recovery. Designed with 12 steps, the second step focuses on how to seek a higher power in releasing control and finding hope for a future without drugs or alcohol.

Step 2

The second step in AA is that a person comes to believe a Power greater than oneself can restore sanity. Addiction recovery can feel lonely which is why AA provides community and support on the journey. Hope is crucial for individuals with addiction but it first starts with seeking something greater than oneself to help conquer drugs or alcohol.

Getting Started

A person who comes into step 2 with an open mind is more likely to be successful. An old life ends when a new life begins in recovery, one committed to faith in a higher power. Letting go of what AA is can make room for what AA actually does, and can do, in a person’s life who is ready to take ownership of one’s actions. A sound mind comes from opening up to the idea faith in a higher power will help bring clarity and serenity through recovery. In spite of where a person may stand in personal beliefs, all people can stand together in support of one another’s recovery.


An open mind is a great place to start with Step 2, however, there are many things a person can do to build a foundation in recovery and maintain a positive attitude. Some of the following may be helpful to consider:

  • Open mind: a person who has a mindset for success has a better chance than someone who is closed minded. Look around for others for guidance and support in recovery who have been there and understand the process.
  • Maintain humility: it is not possible to conquer addiction alone, it takes community, family, friends and a network of people who are committed to success.

Common Myths

Belief in a higher power does not necessarily equate to God for the purposes of AA. Although some may have a misconception about this, the higher power can be anything a person believes in (universe, nature, Buddha, music, Allah or even AA itself). AA does not require a person to believe anything a person does not want to believe. Each step is a suggestion along the road to sobriety which is up to each individual to determine how it personally impacts one’s life.

After graduating from Step 2; participants in the program move on to Step 3; deciding to turn over control of one’s life to the care of a higher power.

No matter where you are in the journey, The Villa Treatment Center is here to help. Contact us to find out how we can support yourself or a loved one to recover from addiction.