Step 7 of AA

Step 7 of AA

Moving through the 12 step process in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is challenging but possible with the support of a community of others in recovery. Step 7 focuses on asking a higher power for help, which is something that will take a lifetime to work towards. Learn more about the importance of letting go in this step.


Step 7

A person who moves into Step 7 is challenged to ‘humbly ask Him to remove our shortcomings.’ It is not possible to move beyond what is holding a person back without humility of spirit. Alcoholics and persons with drug or other addictions are often the victim of pride and selfishness. Addiction, by nature, shines the spotlight on the individual rather than focusing on others and is self serving. During this step, it is necessary to practice modesty and remain open to the process. A happy, healthy life is possible in recovery but only when people are able to let a higher power help remove shortcomings.

Getting Started

Addiction has many faces and affects people differently but one thing it has in common is the reason behind using alcohol or drugs. People who struggle with addiction use alcohol or drugs to mask pain from traumatic experiences or things which are not easy to face from the past. Some of the following are ideas to begin the process:

  • Reliance on a higher power is necessary to move forward (whatever that means for the individual)
  • Practice humility and character-building with comfort in the backseat
  • Put honesty, tolerance, love of others and God as the daily basis for life
  • Accept humility as necessary to achieving a sober, fulfilled life
  • Shift perspective from one of self-centeredness to a selfless, humble one


Helpful tips can support a person’s journey through Step 7. Try the following tips to get started:

  • Feel the pain and do it anyway. It is not possible to journey through the pain masked by alcohol and drugs without feeling anything. Facing the pain is what will build character and fortitude for the days ahead in recovery.
  • Practice patience. Life cannot change overnight. Be patient, in time it will get better and easier on the other side of the pain.


A pervasive myth around Step 7 is that humility is not necessary for recovery. The opposite is true, in fact, as humility is to key to not only this step but the recovery journey as a whole. It is not possible for a person to see shortcomings without first being stripped of pride and ego. When the filter is gone, a person can look deep within to develop a humble attitude and spirit to correct moral defects.

Moving on from Step 7, comes Step 8 of AA; creating a list of harm done with the focus on making amends and repairing the damage caused by addiction.

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