Substitute Addiction for a New Passion

Substitute Addiction for a New Passion

People leave behind passion when addiction takes hold. Rather than leave it in the rearview, it helps to spend time in recovery focusing on how to ignite the old flames of excitement and joy for old hobbies and interests outside of addiction. On the road to recovery, the future is uncertain but it helps to spend time doing something fun and enjoyable. Find some strategies to help get started on reintroducing passion projects into a healthy lifestyle routine.


Remember Old Passions

Rebuilding a relationship with a loved one, getting back to work or just restarting what was stopped when addiction took over can feel daunting. It is important to focus on replacing addictive behavior with positive activities. Start with exploration of passionate pursuits. Get started by:

  • Thinking back before drugs and alcohol took hold
  • Find what was most enjoyable
  • Revisit old passions, taking time to dabble and reflect on one or two activities
  • Dive in for a time and see what comes up


Make note of the exercises in a journal and see where it leads. Some avenues of creativity and passion may open up that had not before and it is important to make note of those things which bring hope and joy.


Finding New Passions

It may be too painful to return to the past, to a happier time before addiction. Previous hobbies or passions may not grab attention like in the past. Don’t feel bad about what isn’t working, move on and try something new. Trying new things to find passion can be well worth the effort. Recovering people with addictions need something to get excited and passionate about, to distract from cravings and urges to relapse.


Avoid Addiction Swapping

One danger to watch out for on the path to rekindling passion is swapping one addiction for another. A person with addiction has the tendency to be impulsive and become obsessive about things. It is easy to transfer addictive urges to something new rather than engage passion in a new, healthy way. Addictive urges may take hold if a person is not careful. Find a support network to provide accountability and point out what is unseen or unnoticed in case something might arise.


It is possible to avoid addiction swapping. Be mindful and aware of the mind and body. Notice when something seems to feel necessary rather than joyful. Rely on family and friends to speak truth. When done correctly, replacing addiction with something better can be a wonderful, eye opening experience when a person is open to rekindling old passions or pursuing new ones. Don’t be deterred by this from pursuing what is out there. New hobbies and passions await, away from addiction and towards love, joy and peace.


The Villa seeks to offer information and resources to individuals and families held down by the weight of addiction. We can help you rekindle old passions and find the old spark underneath the embers. Call us to find out how to help you get started in letting go of addiction.