Take a Mental Health Day: Stress Relief Options

Take a Mental Health Day: Stress Relief Options

Stress relief is a life skill which can help a person stay focused in recovery which lessens the likelihood of relapse. Anybody can, and will, experience stressors in life but it is as much how a person handles them than what caused the stressors. People starting out in recovery may benefit from learning how to take a mental health day and build stress relief options into a recovery lifestyle.

Slowing Down

Some of the most common methods of stress management work for many individuals but each person will respond differently. It is challenging to start something new in recovery while already dealing with so many new concepts, ways to live life differently now and processing the experience of being sober and clean. Finding something that works for each person is the most important key to recovery. The following are some of the ways to help build a healthy lifestyle with natural stress relief options.


Meditation and similar activities like yoga or prayer are a core tenet of addiction recovery as it works to reduce the risk of relapse. Stronger control over the mind helps a person recognize destructive thought patterns. To get started, find a place that is comfortable, sit down with eyes closed and focus on clearing the mind. Thoughts will come but let the thoughts fly away like in the breeze, letting the thoughts pass by.


Certain teas are formulated with ingredients to promote stress relief. Mint is known to relax the mind while chamomile may soothe nerves and make a person feel more calm and promote better sleep. Lavender can work to ease anxiety and anxiety-related headaches. Ginseng is a special ingredient known for clearing mental exhaustion. Tea can also have powerful antioxidants and stress reducing ingredients.


Aromatherapy using candles, essential oils and lotions may serve as a stress buster but massage, rest and similar activities are just as healthy. Essential oils can be burning while a person sleeps in a diffuser and contribute to greater overall health and stress reduction.


Nothing heals the soul more than clearing the schedule. The power of rest helps lower anxiety in people with mental health disorders. Step away from frustrations and trials of life for a short nap or take the afternoon off from working around the house on a day off from work to rest and practice self care. Building self care into a recovery plan can help reduce risk of relapse and provides clarity of mind and soul.

It takes time to develop stress relief practices in recovery. With anything new, it will not happen overnight so take little steps here and there to bring elements of rest and self care into a schedule by paying attention to the body and mind.

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