Taking Your Life Seriously (While Having Fun)

When a person decides to become sober, it does not mean the end of that person’s life or the beginning of a ho-hum existence. Sobriety can be filled with fun, challenging and rewarding aspects. It depends on the person’s point of view. Learn some healthy ways to have fun while sober and not take life too seriously.

Make a List

As a kid, list making was fun and exciting. Think about the lists for Santa Claus of all the gifts that could show up under the tree. Even if it’s not for Christmas, a person’s life can be managed and organized more effectively by tracking things in a list. To get started, try the following:’

  • Jot down things that are fun to do
  • Think about skills and what brings pleasure
  • Seek out what will be of interest or help in achieving future goals

Set Priorities

Priorities may seem boring but it is a great way to achieve goals and make things happen. Putting the list in order of what comes next can be helpful in seeing when and where to achieve certain things. Seeing where time can be devoted will help set intentions for what’s ahead.

Meet New People

One of the more exciting aspects of recovery is finding new people to hang out with. Loved ones and family members may form part of that circle, but a person may miss out on some great opportunities for healthy fun if he or she overlooks the chance to meet sober friends and pursue new hobbies.


Many people love to travel and see new places. One doesn’t have to go far from home to explore new places. The opportunity to meet others can broaden horizons, open new avenues and doors of possibility. Families and stressed-out individuals may really consider yearly vacation trips to get away and feel refreshed. Travel takes on new meaning when a person is in recovery. It may take some weeks and months of recovery but it is worth trying to see what will happen. One never knows until one tries!

Laugh Often

Addiction and recovery can be challenging times in a person’s life. Life seems so serious and, in reality, it is very serious. Recovery can also be a time to learn how to laugh at life’s follies and at oneself. It is also free to laugh. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Go to an improv or comedy show
  • Find friends to go out with who bring good cheer and laughter
  • Develop a capacity to see the lightness in things that are difficult
  • Book a recovery comedian who can come to perform for recovery groups for clean, sober fun with friends
  • Watch a funny movie

The willingness to love and be loved is an important quotient for discovering what makes a person laugh and find joy. Healthy, clean fun is just around the corner for those who seek the opportunities.

The Villa provides opportunities for people to find space for recovery. If you are struggling with how to quit drugs or alcohol, call us to find out how we can help you get started on finding joy in life again.