The Best Alternative Therapy in Recovery

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is one of the best alternative therapies to consider in recovery from addiction. It requires no equipment except one’s own body as it literally taps into a person’s psychological and metaphysical body to begin creating changes for the better. Learning how to “tap” into this therapeutic approach can provide myriad benefits.

EFT and Addictions

The practice of “tapping” is different than talk therapy. The focus is on tapping with the fingertips on nine specific meridian points while also engaging in conversation about traumatic memories or a wide range of emotions. EFT accesses ‘stress centers’ in the brain on physical and emotional levels simultaneously. EFT may effectively treat people with conditions like addiction in addition to seeking help from traditional therapists and others who can help.

Two-part Process

The most urgent issue typically involves physical cravings which is what EFT can help a person resolve. Tapping provides fast relief for cravings to allow a person to lower the intake of an addictive substance such as nicotine (smoking cessation). A person who taps the meridian points to support letting go of cravings for nicotine may try to tap the points when in a room full of smokers, for instance, to lower cravings.

Addressing the Issues

The second part of the two-part process involves looking at underlying root causes of addiction, the emotional issues behind it. A person who is alcoholic may begin drinking after a divorce or has a desire to numb some pain. When a person drinks excessively, tapping can help relieve feelings of loss or betrayal of the marriage.

Serious Addictions

More serious addictions to drugs like heroin can be overcome with the support EFT. In cases of severe addiction, it may take years to fully recover with lots of support from various angles to get there. What has helped in some cases is to use EFT in tandem with other recovery resources to progress towards recovery. Tapping accesses the amygdala in the mid-brain which regulates emotional response to stress which releases stress hormones into the body. When those levels are healthier, the body and mind tend to relax more quickly.

EFT tapping can support an individual in recovery to make the process easier and more short, depending on the individual’s circumstances. There are no harmful effects to using tapping as a resource for overcoming the power of addiction and, may be just the right medicine a person needs to take some positive steps into recovery.

The Villa recognizes the need for alternative and supportive therapies for individuals with addiction. Call us if you are struggling with addiction to find out what resources and information we can provide that will help you get on the right track.