The Gift of Second Chances

The Gift of Second Chances

Many individuals turn life around in sobriety and completely change after addiction. Compared to the person who existed in active addiction, the individual may seem completely different. Sobriety is all about giving people a second chance at life, one not everyone receives.


Late Bloomers


A late bloomer in recovery is a person whose abilities were not visible until later in life, typically middle age. Some people near the end of life before showing true abilities. The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken established his chain in his sixties. It is never too late to make changes and start again. Walking away from addiction is difficult. A person has to rebuild life, find success and seek opportunities and possibilities where it seemed none existed before. Getting sober will not seem enough but it is the very thing holding a person back from fully embracing his or her life’s purpose.


Childhood Dreams in Sobriety


Getting free from addiction provides space necessary to do what a person has always wanted. Time and energy can be spent on bringing childhood dreams into reality. Giving up addiction and building a life in sobriety requires inner strength and determination. An individual can use the power to achieve other things. People who are most successful in life are those who never gave up on early ambitions. Sobriety is the time to realize what is possible and make dreams come true. Inner-strength is building as is confidence for the long journey of recovery which opens doors to at least give things a try which were long forgotten.


Finding and Defining Success


The gift of second chances lies in finding and defining success by one’s own terms. Addiction had its way for a time and now the individual is empowered to do what he or she truly desires. Sobriety is a time of great healing and hope for the future. Reaching for goals which culminate in success is important for individuals in recovery. The following are just some of the benefits:

  • Finding success builds self-esteem
  • Life becomes more satisfying when goals are reached for and met
  • Achieving goals on one’s own power feels great and lessens likelihood of relapse
  • Giving up addiction can feel like giving away part of one’s self but achieving goals can bring new meaning to life including drive to achieve


Make the Most of Second Chances


Recovery is a process, not an event. It helps to keep an open mind, realize things in life don’t come right away and change comes slowly. Keep a beginner’s mindset and work towards goals over time. It helps to have accountability with someone else further along in recovery who can support the goals and ideals and knows the individual circumstances. Second chances are a way to show the self and others change is possible and takes hard work but is worth it in the end.

The Villa supports individuals seeking second chances at life. If you are trying to quit drugs, alcohol or other addiction we can help. Call us to find out how we can support your journey to recovery.