The True Cost of Using Drugs

How dangerous are drugs? There are statistics and studies which show that 25% of chronic paranoid psychoses is marijuana induced. This means that it is younger people who are taking the drugs. There has also been a significant increase in the number of young people developing depressive and anxiety disorders due to using drugs.

Unfortunately drug use has become quite common in today’s society, and the need to educate and raise awareness about the consequences of drug abuse is crucial.

The Dangers of of Taking Drugs

It is well known that college students and freshmen who are living away from home for the first time are more likely to be curious about drug experimentation. The main danger in taking drugs seems to be around the purity of the drug and its short term physical effects. The young people who are using the drugs have little to no understanding of the fact that drug use can lead to long term health problems. These could be depression, anxiety or paranoia.

Doctors are reporting treating an increasing number of young patients, often not older than 18, who are already addicted to street drugs, and are showing signs of depressive and anxiety disorders. Also on the rise are panic attacks from the use of hallucinogens.

Hard Drugs

Harder drugs like cocaine tend to induce a severe paranoid state which requires admission to hospital. However, antipsychotic medication can’t always control  the paranoia and there is a very real risk of it becoming a permanent state.

As mentioned earlier, marijuana use is responsible for approximately 25% of chronic paranoid psychoses. This is a disorder that doesn’t go away when an individual stops using the drug. To worsen the problem, marijuana is continually being redeveloped, making it stronger and consequently more dangerous.

Individuals who have an addiction to street drugs have a very high chance of knowing someone in their peer group who has been diagnosed with a significant mental health issue. They can choose to let it serve as a warning, before it happens to them.
Knowing the dangers and life changing consequences of abusing drugs can encourage individuals with an addiction to open up about their struggles and seek help from loved ones and qualified professionals. In modern society where there is such easy access to legal and illegal substances, widespread awareness of the dangers of drug abuse is one way to deter or stop individuals from using.

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