Tips from Highly Motivated People in Long Term Recovery

The challenge of staying motivated in recovery is that life may feel more exciting on the other side but it takes time to get there. Sober life takes time to get used to after a life under the shadow of addiction. Eventually a person’s motivation may wane and the risk of relapse can reappear. The challenge of recovery is to stay motivated for the long term. Learn some tips from highly motivated people on how to stay the course when the going gets tough.

What is Motivation

When a person lacks motivation, it is said he or she is lacking in the desire to get up and do what is necessary. However, the person may lack motivation for several reasons. There is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. If people do things because that feels good or right, this may be referred to as intrinsic motivation. A person with extrinsic motivation pushes him or herself to get moving due to external pressures.

Sobriety is a Process

People do not just give up addiction and live happily ever after. If it were that easy, everyone who struggles with addiction would do it and nobody would relapse. A person fell into addiction for their own reasons but it may be the reason a person gets sober. The usual motivation can be due to the inability to cope with life but when a person learns more effective coping strategies, he or she can be markedly more successful. If the person gives up drugs or alcohol without making other changes, it might mean returning to square one. More work is needed to escape addiction and build a good life.

Emotional Sobriety and Serenity

Individuals who build a successful life away from addiction need to develop emotional sobriety. This means the person has developed the ability to cope with emotions in a positive way. An emotionally sober person no longer needs to run away and hide from life. Instead, that person is ready and willing to deal with life on life’s terms. This includes the willingness to feel his or her feelings.

Staying Motivated

Motivation for the long term takes effort and work. There are some successful strategies people in recovery employ. Here are just a few tips to get started:

  • Helping other people in recovery is an effective way to stay motivated. In AA, individuals say it is not what a person has but what he or she gives away. Helping others is a great way to stay motivated to remain sober.
  • Staying involved in the addiction recovery community helps maintain motivation. A person may decide to join recovery fellowship or become involved in an online group.
  • Finding a spiritual path that speaks to an individual is important as motivation to maintain sobriety. Mindfulness and meditation are great ways to get started along with yoga.

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