Try These Healthy Coping Mechanisms Instead of Drugs

Try These Healthy Coping Mechanisms Instead of Drugs

Drugs and alcohol can hinder a person’s ability to build healthy coping mechanisms for life’s stresses. The challenges of life can be handled naturally without the use of drugs or alcohol but take some time to incorporate into a person’s daily life. Learn more about healthy coping mechanisms and how to experience the effects.


Coping with Life

When life seems to be going well, a person can feel on top of the world. However, when life throws a curveball, coping skills can be helpful in dealing with the stress. Substances such as drug and alcohol are used to help people cope with problems in life which can only compound issues further. Sometimes the pain becomes too much and a person turns to drugs or alcohol to cope but some positive, healthy mechanisms can be used instead of illicit substances.



  • Exercise. When a person exercises, endorphins are released. A feeling of euphoria is released which enhances a sense of well-being. Exercise helps remove stressful by-products from the body and allows the body to return to normal which reduces the impact of stress. Exercise can be a healthy outlet for anger. Addiction can create more stress and cause an angry state.
  • Journaling. Writing in a journal is a form of self-expression which helps people process emotions and feelings. Self-expression can help a person gain insight into the situations in life which many people have trouble opening up about to others. Addiction can be a difficult thing to discuss with others so writing in a journal can be a healthy way to process experiences.
  • Talking. A person who wants to work through difficult feelings and thoughts may want to talk about the experiences to trusted friends or loved ones. When a person tries to handle stress or difficult events in life without support, it can be difficult. Speaking with a person can help lift the burden off the individual and release stress or anxiety. It may also help to know someone else cares enough about what is going on to offer support and positive reinforcement for healthy coping mechanisms.



The combination of high stress and devastating life circumstances can lead to addiction without healthy coping skills. Even in the midst of addiction, a person can learn to respond differently to the situations which arise to help propel the individual out of addiction and into recovery with the help of loved ones, treatment and other avenues of support. Learning healthy coping skills is a lifelong process which every person must work for if the hope is to build a happy life and stay sober. A commitment to daily practice of the skills listed above can be a great starting point to get on the road to recovery from addiction.


The Villa provides support for the trials of life which may arise. Drugs and alcohol can make life circumstances more challenging. If you have trouble coping with life without the use of drugs or alcohol, contact us to find out how we can help you find a healthier path.