What can I do for my kids while I'm in treatment?

What Can I Do for My Kids While I’m in Treatment?

An addictive parent makes things difficult for his or her children. The spouse or partner of an addict may be able to cope with the partner’s addiction, but it’s not easy for children. Even if the addict recovers, children may have already picked up behavior patterns that put them at risk of addiction later in life.

The children not only absorb parental attitudes and responses to substance abuse, they also inherit genes from the addicted parent. Kids are also exposed to stress at home because of addiction-related issues that invariably crop up.

It is worse for children with an actively addicted parent. Even if the parents separate with the child still young, and the unaddicted parent begins life anew, the child will bear the scars of a co-addictive relationship. In such a situation, community programs for children of addicted parents can help such kids come out of their shell. Counseling and therapy can help fulfill emotional gaps and prevent the child from developing unhealthy habits.

Children in a co-addictive marriage find that their needs are pushed aside to accommodate the demands of the addicted spouse. They may left to fend for themselves. If you are a recovering addict, then you owe it to your child to make up for lost time as a parent. Communicate with the child and let your ward know that you care. You have to earn their respect and confidence all over again.

Both partners need to set a good example for the children. You are your child’s first and most intimate teacher. They will pick up habits from you. Let them learn life-affirming and positive habits from you. Let them experience childhood like how it is meant to be lived. Give them an opportunity to be with their friends and have normal friendships. Maintain friendships of your own, so that in times of need, you can drop your kids to the friend’s place where they’ll be safe.

Let your children know that you’re fine. Show them that your happy. They’ll observe and come to their own conclusions. It will really help them readjust to this much more favorable and natural situation. Take them out for a picnic, to the movies, shopping, and just have fun. Do the things that parent and child do to create a bond. These are important steps that will facilitate the healing process for your children and nourish their growth into normal adults who have the willpower to say no to addiction.

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