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What Do I Do When I’ve Lost the Hunger for Change?

The motivation or will to do something is the most significant predictor of success. The same concept applies when an individual wants to make changes in their life. The fact is that making a change is difficult because people tend to remain the way they are for a long time and their habits are deeply ingrained. It’s the individual’s ability to find and maintain their motivation for long lasting change that will determine whether they’re able to break the status quo.

Defining Motivation

Motivation can be defined in the following ways:

  • An internal or external drive that prompts a person to take action
  • The ability to initiate and persist toward a chosen objective.
  • Being able to pursue change in the face of obstacles and the desire to do other things.
  • Doing everything possible to make the changes required.

Difference Between Effort and Goals

Whatever an individual puts into their efforts to change is what they will get out of those efforts. Most often, there is a disconnect between the individual’s efforts and their goals. If the person really wants to change then their efforts have to reflect that, not merely say it. However, it can be difficult to make a change, in which case the individual can either lower their goals to match their efforts or raise their efforts to match their goals.

Finding the Hunger

Finding the hunger or the motivation to change means maintaining consistent effort when it would be easy to give up. And that means doing everything possible to achieve one’s goals. Motivation to make a change begins with the 3 Ds.


Before an individual can begin the change process, they must first consider the different directions they could go in their life. Do they want to continue life as it is currently? Or do they want to make an drastic and immediate change? Or maybe they want a slower change.


With the choices in direction, the individual must make a decision on which way they want to go. None of the directions are necessarily right or wrong, they are simply options. Making the decision as to which direction to go in will dictate whether the individual makes changes and the amount of time and effort they put into those changes.


Once the decision is made, the individual must dedicate themselves to seeing through that change. Only by being totally dedicated to the direction and decision will the individual ensure that they have the hunger and motivation they need to achieve their change goals.

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