sober living

What Helps You Get Sober?

Getting clean and sober is one part of the larger picture of recovery. Recovery is a process which lasts a lifetime, requiring lots of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to remaining sober above all else. Use the following five tools to help get started on the path to sobriety.

Eliminate Associations

Giving up friendships and relationships is one big part of the recovery puzzle. The step is also quite difficult. Anybody who sells or uses drugs or alcohol and engages with people who do should be eliminated from a circle of friends. It is better to find new friends than have ones hanging around who create reasons to relapse.

Seek Help

Therapeutic support is needed to learn how to readjust to dealing with life’s daily grind without going crazy. Most people do not think help is needed and want to sort it out alone. Keep in mind addiction has changed the way the mind and body think and perceive things so it is going to be difficult, but not impossible, to do alone. Finding a therapist and support for the journey are more helpful than detrimental.

Stay Positive

Be surrounded by positive people. An atmosphere of negativity is not going to help. Regardless, if a person is not positive, it will not help. Those people who are looking to always pick fights or do things their way without compromise can become negative, toxic influences. Stay away and focus on sober relationships.

Outsource Money Management

Finances will be a mess following addiction, no doubt about it. It is very clear at this point it is not a good time to try and handle putting money back into any sort of order without seeking help from trusted family and friends. Ask a sibling, parent or relative for help. The excuse of being too old to ask for help with money is an excuse. Open up to humility and let others help make it right again.

Keep Really Busy

Down time can be very bad for people in recovery. Keeping busy from morning til night is important. Schedule time in the beginning stages of sobriety to focus on rather than let the mind wander dangerous places (back to drugs or alcohol). Find a positive routine that is not overly consuming, rather helpful in the long term.

Keeping the day booked up can help stay focused on tasks and worry less about where to fill in the gaps. Schedules may change slightly but work on building a routine around positive, life affirming things like movie nights, time with family, doing fun hobbies and setting aside quiet time. All of this will support a healthy lifestyle in recovery, away from the pressures to return to the addiction that caused so much heartache.


If you are tired of the heartache addiction brings, call The Villa. Let us help guide you towards a better way of life. We are here to support you in healing and finding hope for your addiction.