Sober Companion for Teens

What is a Sober Companion for Teens?

Sober Companion for Teens – What are Sober Companions? They are not therapists, sponsors, nurses, or doctors, but they help individuals select appropriate professionals who can assist in recovery, including therapists, counselors, support groups, and others. A sober companion works closely with these professionals in the best interests of the individual.  So it worth getting a sober companion for a teen?

Do Teens Need a Sober Companion?

Adolescents often benefit from programs wherein they are provided with very specific phrases they can use when someone offers them drugs and alcohol. Studies have shown that those teens who were provided with education about addiction and its effects, along with scripts to use when offered addictive substances, were able to delay the age at which they started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Teens who have existing addiction issues may benefit from the same kind of coaching and education, but they might need to access that kind of help around the clock. A sober companion can fill that need.

More Than a Friend

Teens who have struggled with addiction and are in recovery are encouraged to make connections with peers who also stay clean and sober. Sober friends can provide teens with socialization opportunities without involving the use of drugs and alcohol. However, when a teen is just coming out of rehab, they may not have things in common with their sober peers, or they may be stigmatized. It is not healthy for such a teen to be alone without friends. This is where a sober companion comes in

A sober companion isn’t necessarily a friend, they are a trained professional. However, they can stand in as a friend for a teen in their time of need. A sober companion can:

  • Listen to the teen’s concerns
  • Provide companionship
  • Take the teen on sober outings
  • Give the teen feedback on their choices

A sober companion is there to hold teens accountable for the mistakes they might be about to make and provide supervision, making it harder for the teen to slip up. This can be of vital importance in the early days of recovery.

There are other options for teens in recovery if a sober companion is not the right solution for them. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous have a sponsor program that is very effective and provides individuals new to recovery with companionship and advice. In many cases, this might be sufficient support for the teen. However, for those teens that need more, and would benefit from the presence of a trained professional, a sober companion is worth considering.

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