What To Do When Recovery Fails

What To Do When Recovery Fails

Failure does not feel like an option in recovery, but many people will relapse within the first few days of quitting. Repeated attempts may be needed to finally break free of the addictive cycle. An individual who understands the reasons behind failure in recovery and focus on overcoming them, may end up sober without repeated relapses. Find out how to get started.


Continued Use is Dangerous


Individuals who fail in recovery are at great risk for many things. Addiction is a downward spiral which takes everything from a person’s body, mind, and soul. Death may be the result for those who are not able to overcome the powers of addiction but it is not the only answer. Some other dangerous repercussions may include:

  • The longer addiction keeps going, the harder it is to stop. Rock bottom may be the only solution but not everyone comes back from bottom
  • Friends and family continue to suffer while a person is addicted
  • A person misses out on the fullness and richness of life and personal potential while addicted
  • Mind and body are affected by toxic substances the longer a person is addicted


Willingness to Quit


Quitting addiction can feel like a good idea to most people with addiction at some point in recovery. Typically after things have become messed up or remorse occurs, a person wants to give up sobriety. Reaching this point can throw a person into a tailspin but the person needs to take ownership of recovery and let go of denial to stay clean through life’s challenges.


Rock Bottom


Breaking away from addiction can feel more acceptable after hitting rock bottom. Things may have gotten so bad there was no returning to addiction. No one person will experience the same rock bottom circumstances as another. A person can decide at any time to quit addiction and move into recovery. It does not require hitting rock bottom but sometimes a person has to fall all the way down before looking up for help.


Beat Addiction


The sooner a person returns to sobriety from failing in recovery, the sooner the individual can create a life that is worth living and staying sober to experience. To successfully overcome addiction is no small feat, even after a series of defeats in recovery. The following are some steps to help push through the challenges and overcome addiction:

  • Make staying sober the number one priority
  • Do what it takes to stay sober, no matter the cost
  • Enter rehab to get healthy
  • Recovery is a process, not an event which means continued effort
  • Stay connected to others in recovery
  • Use all available resources to stay clean and sober

Never lose sight of the fact failure is most likely inevitable, but it is a part of life itself. People fall down, but it is how an individual gets back up again and continues the fight that truly matters. Make sobriety the top priority and experience all recovery has to offer.

The Villa helps individuals experiencing addiction and challenges in recovery. If you need a safe space to recover from a fall in recovery, call us. We can help you get back up again and turn the negative into a positive.