Where Did My Mojo Go?

Mojo is not just a term used by Austin Powers in a movie. It is something people can actually have, and lose. Someone in addiction recovery may suddenly lose mojo and finds addiction knocking on the door again. When motivation is gone to stay sober, find out how to get it back.

Most Common Reasons

Millions of reasons can crop up as to why a person stops feeling motivated in recovery. Some of the most common excuses heard in rehab can include:

  • Not knowing how to deal with difficult emotions including stress, disappointment, anger or other negative feelings. Coping mechanisms that are healthy help a person cope.
  • Distance from the pain of addiction can happen but the longer a person spreads between addiction and the present, the more distant pain becomes which makes it easier to fall back. Don’t let this happen by idolizing pain over healing.
  • Hanging out with the wrong people. It can happen suddenly and quickly. Once a person is connected with ‘bad people,’ it may be harder to break loose and avoid using drugs or alcohol again.
  • Too much downtime gives a person pause to think. This occurs when people fail to find the ‘thing in recovery’ that can help float through days without truly living. Boredom will set in and the desire to stay sober also goes away.

Getting Motivated

Any of the reasons to get motivation back are good reasons. Enlist the help of a friend or loved one that can help get back on track. Explain that it is time to get some help from a friend to avoid slipping down the road of relapse. If it is difficult to admit weakness to a person it helps to go online and find a forum or find a therapist. Don’t let addiction have the last word.

Take back your life. It is time to focus on recovery and finally heal. Call The Villa to find out how to get started.