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Who Am I? How Do I Recover My Identity After Addiction?

A positive self-concept is the basic foundation for every living human being. When a person has a positive self-image and sense of self, everything else will align with the principles created out of those thoughts and ideas, including behavior. The self-concept a person has shapes how an individual sees the world and encompasses his or her core values. Addiction disrupts a person’s ability to see, think and behave more clearly and alters the view a person has of the world and self. Learn more about discovering a positive self-concept following addiction.

Self-Concept and Addiction

Addiction is, at its core, a people problem. Many individuals who treat addiction start off focusing on erratic behavior, addiction cycle and the drugs or alcohol in a quest to find answers. A person’s self-concept is wrapped up in core beliefs of that individual person. An individual with low self-esteem who builds a concept out of shame-based behavior is likely headed toward a dark world of addiction.

Recovery from Addiction

Broken promises, financial challenges and traumatized children are just some of the negative ramifications. Addiction has a way of turning people around and getting individuals who otherwise might make good choices to do things like spend money on toxic substances, lie, steal and cheat the way through addiction. That is, until one day, recovery seems like a good option.

Hitting Bottom

When the desire for self destruction ends and self reflection begins, and when a person hits rock bottom, it is time to seek help. People have to want and seek it, nobody else can make the decision until that individual is ready to receive help.


The first step to seeking help is to admit a problem exists. Coming to terms with this idea is good for a person’s self-concept in the long run, even if it takes some getting used to the idea in the here and now. From the lowest point, a person can admit help is needed and soar to heights unseen from the bottom. Hope is possible when a person is ready to get treatment.

A New Beginning

Oftentimes loved ones, friends and even family are completely burned out, money is gone and even friends who used substances together leave when finances dry up. Now is the time to think about rebuilding. This may come with a sense of relief to realize the self-concept can be rebuilt, grow into something healthy and become a place of new beginnings for an individual with addiction.

When a person sees him or herself as having value, recovery from addiction can truly begin. With the help of loved ones and the right treatment program, a person can recover and live a life that is full, build a positive self-concept and rise up against the toxic effects of addiction.


The Villa believes every person has the power to make positive changes. If you are struggling with addiction, call us. We can help guide you back to finding yourself, and a better path.