Who Should Be Drug Tested and When?

Drug testing can be important for several reasons. Local governments, businesses or organizations may mandate drug testing for employees while other drug tests may be required by law enforcement, courts or requested by loved ones. Learn about drug tests, why testing is done and who can be subjected to tests.


Physical Tests

A physical drug test is one way to determine if a person has used illegal drugs recently. Samples of a person’s urine, blood or hair may be taken to test for the presence of drugs. A laboratory can perform the service but at home testing kits are also available. The presence of drugs in a person’s system does not indicate a drug use problem or addiction without more extensive assessments being conducted by a specialist to determine the cause.


When to Test

Drug testing may be done by an organization or if a person puts in a request. When a test is positive, the individual may be ordered to undergo more extensive testing to determine if a drug problem exists. Drug screening by addiction specialists requires more than a positive test. Three or more of the following situations must be present within a twelve month period to indicate an addiction or more serious problem has started:


  • Tolerance for drug develops where person needs more of the drug to feel same ‘high’
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when drug is not taken
  • More of the drug is taken than originally prescribed or intended
  • Person wants to quit or cut down but feels unable to do so
  • Responsibilities are neglected to use drugs
  • Continued use of drugs in spite of physical, psychological, social or legal issues


Seeking Help

A person who exhibits the signs above should be tested but the results may not necessarily indicate a problem by itself. When all the signs and a positive drug test are by an addiction specialist, next steps may be suggested to an individual for treatment. The ramifications of a positive drug test can go beyond a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. A person can risk financial, social and other problems by continuing to use drugs or alcohol. A positive drug test can lead to long lasting benefits for an individual who is willing to seek help from outside sources. Employment protections can keep a person from potentially losing employment as well, so it is worth looking into the possibilities with a trusted specialist or physician who can provide support and help to recover from drug use or addiction.


A positive drug test is the beginning of a new life. Admitting a problem exists is a good, hard, first step on the journey to recovery. The Villa will be there every step of the way with treatment and resources to guide you. Call us to find out how we can help you get started.