Why Are People Afraid to Get Sober?

Most people do not want to get sober. Sobriety can be a scary idea as the only way a person has behaved for so long has been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It is hard to admit drugs and alcohol have that much control over a person’s life and is very hard to see in the midst of addiction. Fear is why many people do not get sober or take a very long time to get there. Find some tips for how to take control and let go of fear.


Fear of Sobriety

There are myriad reasons why a person may be afraid to get clean and sober. Fear of the unknown has lots to do with it but also people believe change is for the worse, not the better (until it happens). Human nature suggests people are not always open to changes but stepping out into the unknown can lead to better things down the road. Here are some of the reasons why people fear sobriety and what to do about it.


It’s No Fun

Change can be painful and most people assume it will not be for the better. Many people tend to make the assumption before ever trying to be sober. It is also a mindset shift of thinking differently about a situation, then taking a leap of faith.


Fear of Failure

Sobriety is a challenging process but the fear of failure is a large part of the challenge of addiction. Mistakes are human but fear of failing at sobriety can keep people from getting there in the first place. The only way to know is to give it a try.


Fear of Boredom

Alcoholism and drug addiction can convince people life is boring without using substances. One of the biggest misconceptions is a person cannot have a fun or interesting life without drugs or alcohol.


Fear of Pain

Fear of pain can keep people from quitting drugs or alcohol. Many start using to numb pain and when it is gone, an individual will have to face all the pain. Feeling everything after not feeling for so long can be intimidating but it is necessary in order to heal and get well.



People with addiction live in denial of the reality of how it has hurt that person and everyone around the person. Denial of a problem keeps the individual from getting help. Once an individual admits a problem exists, the healing journey of recovery can begin.


Many people who struggle with addiction may think sobriety is not an option. Sobriety is not considered unless it seems the issue is serious, but most people with addiction don’t see it as very serious. Fear of telling family and friends about addiction feels daunting but the truth is many people may already know about the addiction or that something is wrong. Owning up to what is happening can only lead to positive benefits down the road.


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