Why is Mindfulness So Hard?

Mindfulness is a process for each individual person. It is not the arrival that matters, it is the journey. It starts with one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. Sometimes people want to jump into mindfulness practices and not really make the effort but expect immediate results. It is called mindfulness for a reason. It requires staid perseverance, a calling forth of one’s spirit, mind and body towards a quieter space. Learn more about why mindfulness can be so difficult and how to jump the hurdles.

What Makes Mindfulness Hard

The reason mindfulness is hard for some people lies in a few factors. First, the person may not be willing to do the work it takes to sit in stillness. Some reasons for this include feeling uncomfortable with one’s own thoughts or feelings, a lack of focus or just an unwillingness to slow down long enough to be alone with whatever comes to mind. When this happens, an individual can experience immense truth and growth. Outside of this, a person may not be able to move forward without intentionally creating space to ponder life’s bigger questions outside of the day-to-day doldrums life can bring.

Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is but an illusion. Fleeting, momentary and gone in a flash. The feelings associated with happiness can give the overall sense things are great and wonderful but when the feelings dissipate, a person is left feeling down in the dumps again. The true pursuit of happiness, with the help of mindfulness, is to cultivate a sense of inner peace and joy. A tranquility that comes from a deeper knowing of oneself that does not require flash-in-the-pan ideas, books or programs to achieve. It starts from within, a seed planted that helps someone grow closer to an understanding of the world, oneself and his or her place in it. Today’s world moves so fast, with so many other people’s ideals of what brings happiness being bought and sold that it is a wonder anyone is able to cultivate space for mindfulness practices. However, it is through true rest and peace a person can create the necessary space for mindfulness to take place

Getting Started

All it takes to get started with mindfulness is the intention to start right now, where a person is grounded with his or feet planted firmly in the soil of presence. Rooted “in the now” helps an individual look at the present moment, practice gratitude and accept what is rather than try to change everything. Mindfulness is not about control, it is about letting go. To get started, let go of any expectations and find a quiet space for some stillness at the best part of the day, morning or night. Even just a few moments can bring clarity which will help build a solid foundation for the days, weeks and months to come.


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