Why Sober Friendships are Amazing

Sober friendships can be a lifeline when going through recovery. Friends are those people who an individual can come to rely on in any circumstances, know personal stories and situations but still are there no matter what, without judgment. One of the greatest things about recovery is building lasting bonds with others who are on the journey together. Learn about the amazing power of sober friendships.

Lifelong Friendships

The friends a person makes in addiction recovery will likely have a person’s best interests at heart. This means that new friends will want what is best for an individual and consider personal well-being ahead of the past circumstances. The following are some other ways to know sober friends are the real deal.

True Friends Don’t Change You

Many friends may be afraid to attend events that threaten a certain image or seek to change someone’s personality. Real friends give a person permission to fully express oneself and embrace the quirkiness and all the flaws therein. In recovery, a person can decide to surround oneself with a few select individuals who truly appreciate everything there is to offer.

True Friends Cry Together

Real friends offer grace to be vulnerable and emotional in the presence of that person, accepting all the brokenness and loving qualities to pick up after it falls apart. In true friendships, no judgment exists. Love will be there no matter what. Quickly a person will find that true friendships are those that stick around long after the emotional rollercoaster ride ends and openly provide support in times of need.

True Friends Make an Effort

Life in recovery often gets quite busy. Between working, going to recovery group, being with friends and family it can be difficult to connect with old friends. A true friend will always carve out time to spend together. Real friends want to spend time together and hear what is going on in a person’s life and makes it a worthy pursuit by being available when needed.

True Friends Call Each Other Out

A real friend will prevent an individual from making damaging mistakes even if this means confronting a person. When a friend notices that a person is deviating from the personal choices made to do better, he or she will express concern, offer guidance and support the decision making process that is best and most healthy. True friends want an individual to succeed in life and recognize successes and celebrate them. Having good friends is as important as being a good friend to others. Love others unconditionally and support them when it is needed. Keep a list of desirable traits in friends and seek out those friendships that support only what you want out of life.


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