Why Zoloft and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Some food and drinks such as alcoholic beverages may interact poorly with medication and make them less effective. This can create a dangerous side effect. While also true for Zoloft, the fact is Zoloft’s overall effect may be compromised by mixing in alcohol. Learn more about why Zoloft and alcohol don’t mix.


While food and alcohol can have negative interactions with Zoloft, there are also other individual factors which play a role including:

  • Age
  • Dosage
  • Gender
  • General health
  • Weight

Food increases absorption of Zoloft so taking it consistently is a good idea to reduce variation in absorption. Grapefruit juice may increase quantities of some medication such as Zoloft in the body. It is best to avoid grapefruit juice when taking Zoloft.

Drinking While Using Zoloft

Experts cannot seem to agree but it is preferable to take it on a case-by-case basis. Most people will tell a person to speak with a prescribing doctor. Alcohol has not been found to interact with Zoloft to affect mental or motor skills. Experiments have not proven Zoloft impacts these skills but two other reasons exist for not combining the two:

  • Benefits decrease while adverse effects increase. Antidepressant medication such as Zoloft can increase sedation and the likelihood of lowered cognitive and psychomotor skills. It is best to avoid alcohol on Zoloft to avoid unnecessary bad judgment or accidents.
  • Alcohol is not good for depression. People who experience depression should not drink alcohol as it may further depress mood. Taking Zoloft for depression may be cancelling out positive effects of the anti-depressant by drinking. This is why experts suggest avoiding kava kava or valerian while taking Zoloft.

It is not recommended individuals who use Zoloft to drink because it can have many negative side effects or cancel the positive benefits of Zoloft altogether. It is important to keep in mind every person is different and if an individual is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, to speak with a trusted person such as a doctor or treating physician who can address concerns.

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