You Have the Power to Overcome Addiction

The power to overcome addiction comes from within oneself, starting with a desire to get healthy and well once and for all. Looking to the past only robs people of the future. Now is the time to focus on the future and use some tools to overcome addiction, once and for all.

No Excuses

It does nobody any good to use the past as an excuse for why the present is so messed up. It does not excuse poor behavior or decision making about how to make things better. Individuals who suffer trauma and go through difficult experiences have every right to feel sadness and other emotions about the experience. However, this does not pave the way for taking back one’s power to finally overcome the obstacle of addiction. Nobody will feel sad or pity for a person who does not do anything to help a personal situation. Limitless potential and success come from within, a place of resilience which is built upon finding a pathway to recovery.

A New Day

Each day provides a new opportunity to be reinvented. Everyday is a chance to be reborn, write on the blank slate and decide how to go through the day with lots of intention and hope for the future. Get up and look at the past with a lens on the past while focusing on the future ahead. Never forget the lessons learned as those are key to finding a better path ahead. Always remember each person has the power to make or break oneself.

Driving Factors

People who strive to overcome addiction must focus on motivating factors which keep an eye on the prize of recovery in sight. Some of the following are just a few factors which can help a person overcome addiction:

  • Work on what drives oneself forward not backward
  • Be flexible and adaptable to change
  • Meet new people
  • Accomplish new and exciting things by setting goals
  • Let go of the past, focus on the future
  • Leave regret behind

Live a Different Story

One of the reasons people falter in recovery or fail to take back personal power is the result of telling old stories. This is challenging to do but it is not impossible to let go of old stories from the past to get motivated and passionate about sober living now. Old stories are ones which keep reminding a person of an old life that no longer serves a purpose, focusing on old habits, behaviors, people and places which are not part of one’s life anymore. Failure to accept the present for what is here and now can result in relapse eventually. Don’t get sucked in, learn to love the new story and make changes that build confidence and courage for the days ahead.


The choice is simple. Let go of the past or it will eat you up. If you’re ready to make a different choice and give up addiction, call The Villa. We are here to support your journey to recovery.